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Me, football, golf and more

Hi! I'm Jimmy and I'm not the guy above. I'm currently 16 year-old from LA, California. CheapAirlineTravel
The only reason I created this website was a lost bet, well, it seems I just had to face the music. I'm currently in high school (learning unfortunately), but I'm trying to find as much time as possible UggShoes
to play football, and when I say "football" I mean "soccer", game that Europeans play. My favourite American player is Landon Donovan, and other players (outside USA) I like include Ruud van Nistelrooy of Manchester United (by the way: I am a fan of Manchester Utd) and Wesley Snejder of Ajax Amsterdam.

Poetry World

Go United!!!!!


That's my second passion. I have been playing olf for only two years but that seems to be enough to get addicted. Frankly, I have to admit I'm nowhere close to Tiger Woods' level, but I keep on trying. For those of you, who would like to learn something about this absolutely fantastic game, I recommend my friend's website Golf online - "Store of ideas". Weird title, isn't it? The site isn't completed yet, but to the best of my knowledge, it should be, soon.

I definitely love the lady in the picture. For those who don't recognize, it's Agatha Christie, in my humble opinion the best novel writer ever. Obviously, there are also other writers I like. Those include Terry Pratchett and Tom Clancy. The Discworld series by Pratchett is my second favourite after Agatha Christie's books (see all books in the series). My favourite character is Carrot Ironfoundersson from "Guards" and my favourite book is "Small Gods".

I am also a big enthusiast of online shopping (my mom just got a nice hematite bracelet from Amazon). I particularly like online stores like Amazon (for books) and Apple iTunes. And here's where I buy airplane tickets, cordless drills.

My dog's name is Ace. Dog litter training was tough. By the way, I bought my dog litter box here. And my mother bought a KitchenAid mixer here.

All right!!! That's enough. I suppose I've written pretty much but ff something comes to my mind I'll write more. See my Links page and links on the left.


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Copyright 2004 Jimmy :))). Sorry for spelling mistakes.